Ospiti del Borgo

a holiday concept “albergo
diffuso” promoted by the Regione Toscana
by Comune di Crespina Lorenzana
and by Cooperativa Arnèra

The charming

village of


The charming village of Lorenzana nestles in the delightful rolling hills of Tuscany along the one main street. The reception centre, Caffe Trattoria, and all the apartments, each different from each other, and each with their own story to tell in the style of “albergo diffuso”, are all close to the main square.

“Albergo diffuso” in Tuscany

has been
instituted by a regional law (n.86/December 20, 2016). Ospiti del Borgo is supported by Regione
Toscana, and in part financed by them.

The Comune di Crespina Lorenzana, supports
and sponsors “albergo diffuso” to bring into
service and to make good use of existing
properties within the comune.

Arnèra Cooperativa social Onlus is the creator and Ospiti del Borgo” project’s manager

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