a little village full of tradition
nestling in the rolling hills of Tuscany

The village of


Think of a traditional Tuscan village and you have Lorenzana… medieaval Village and castle glimpsed along the edge of the Pisan hills. Your day will slip by in the idle peace of the sleepy village, walking along the quiet lanes of the soft hills. You could go and find genuine local produce and wine and famous cheeses produced nearby….reach the neighbouring “citta d’arte” and in the evening return to the village to relax on the terrace by Caffe Antichi Saporei (Reception) where you can take in the breath-taking view of the valley stretching below, before dining on local produce, knowing that it will be cooked in the traditional ways.


The history

Noted as Castello in 1131, passed into the domain of Pisano below Lari and, in 1406, swore fidelity to the Republic of Fiorentina, which had conquered Pisa. In 1722 Cosimo III granted it in fief as a county, to Francesco Lorenzi. In 1776 according to a granducal regulation of 17th June, the new “community di Lorenzana” was instituted, comprising the comune of Lorenzana, Tremoleto and Vicchio.
The Community came to an end in 1808 with the annexation of Tuscany by the Emperor of France, and was finally restored with the Unity of Italy, 17th March 1861. The Comune counts 5325 inhabitants (the census of 2011) of which 329 live in the village of Lorenzana. The principle occupation of the territory is agriculture with the production of cereals, olive oil and grapes for wine.

Why visit Lorenzana

The village of Lorenzana is 30 kilometres from the International Airport of Pisa Galileo Galilei which is joined to a major highway. Resting in the rolling countryside and hills typical of Tuscany, the recommended journey’s end for those who seek a relaxing holiday embraced in Nature. Its setting opens to views of the entire Pisan hills and is an ideal and easy base from which to make trips to the famed cultural centres of art in Tuscany. Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena and their treasures you will reach easily by car within an hour or so. And for those of you whose love is fine food and wines, you can easily satisfy your desires from your base in Lorenzana where nearby there are numerous wine cellars and, finally, the most celebrated Bolgheri. Prove for yourself the undeniable quality of the village’s cuisine with a dish from the Trattoria Antiche Sapori and the Osteria La Fraschetta. Numerous and various are the local annual country festivals where you can sample the authentic Tuscan cuisine in the company of the families of the area. And not forgetting the locally crafted quality beers. Famed and renowned are the local coastal towns of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Le Cinque Terre, Livorno, Castiglioncello and Cecina. All within easy reach of Lorenzana.

Photo tour by Fausto Meini

The countryside around the village of Lorenzana, with the hills and fields changing their colours from the greens to yellows and the reds throughout the growing seasons, has always been an inspiration to enthusiastic photographers to pursue their passion and to plan photographic tours to discover the hidden corners peppered through the neighbourhood.

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