Ospiti del Borgo

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    Excursions to the Lake of Santa Luce

    Surrounded by hills and cultivated fields, the Reserve covers 525 hectares, including the SAC (Special Conservation Area), including the entire surface of the lake (105ha), the perimeter strip characterized by lush aquatic vegetation and cultivated fields. The lake, since its birth, has witnessed a rapid spontaneous colonization by marsh vegetation and numerous species of aquatic fauna. Today, perfectly re-naturalized, the lake glitters like a precious pearl framed by the greenery of willow, tamarisk, poplar and elm woods. The paths that wind along the shores of the lake are enriched by thick stretches of bushes and bushes of blackberry, blackthorn, sanguinella, hawthorn and dog rose which in spring become, together with broom, gladiolus, muscari, sonagas and wild orchids, the craftsmen of a show of rare beauty. In the southern part of the Reserve we encounter small evergreen woods (alaterno, lentisco) surrounded by uncultivated meadows, deliberately left in their natural state to enrich the Reserve with another important ecological space.